Job Skills Training Needs Assessment – See the Training Needs Assessment Test

Helps applicants assess if they need training in 115 job skills.

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This product has been replaced with the Training Needs Assessment Test

Evaluates Training Needs for Office, Technical or Service Employees

At last there is a way to conduct a meaningful instrument-based training needs analysis for non-supervisory administrative, clerical, technical, sales, customer service and service work employees. The Talico Inc. Job Skills Training Needs Analysis (JSTNA) measures up to 24 job skill areas in three primary job function categories; the specific skills and functions employees engage in as they deal with data, people and things (equipment and machines). The instrument was developed after extensive study of occupational characteristics, traits and worker job functions as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Division.

The JSTNA is comprehensive yet remarkably easy to use. Employees simply select their major occupational group from a list and then complete those sections of the instrument that are relevant to their occupation. Respondents indicate the extent to which they believe that training is required in each of up to a maximum of 115 job skill elements by marking a 5-point response scale. The employee’s supervisor reviews the assessments and indicates any areas of disagreement. The instrument can easily be self-scored and self-interpreted.

JSTNA effectively bridges the gap between instrument-based training needs assessments for managerial and supervisory employees and the more costly, more labor intensive methods that up to now have been required for non-supervisory employees.

You receive coded, online access to a complete set of masters for the reproduction of participant booklets, plus facilitator’s guide with administration and scoring guidelines. One-location licensing is provided for a 5 year period.

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