Management Aptitude Test

Assess problem solving, planning, communication, admin., and business control skills.


Special Announcement

We regret to announce that as of February 2019 the publisher of this product has temporarily  discontinued only the paper-booklet version of this assessment.

IT IS STILL AVAILABLE IN SINGLE ONLINE COPIES.  Until further notice booklets are no longer available for purchase.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this creates for current booklet users.


The Management Aptitude Test helps evaluate critical thinking skills which are typically relevant to management positions, including the ability to make smart business decisions, analyze and solve situational problems, monitor a budget and supervise and communicate effectively with others. The MAT assessment is used to help select management and supervisory personnel, to help identify training needs and to help assess skill and business knowledge for promotion possibilities.

The MAT assessment helps measure:

Problem Solving – the ability to evaluate information, give relevant considerations when making decisions, interpret data and react appropriately to changing situations.

Planning and Organizing – the ability to develop long-range plans and short-term activities, including setting business objectives and delivery schedules.

Management Responsibility – the extent to which the individual feels responsible for and in control of, work performance and job advancement.

Communication – the ability to present information formally and informally in written and oral contexts and communicate effectively with customers, staff, peers and supervisors.

Supervisory Skills – the skill level in planning and overseeing the work of subordinates and managing work flow.

Administrative Skills – the ability to implement and monitor actions to ensure compliance with policies and regulations, distribute information, allocate staff and maintain records.

Business Control – the skill in and concern for controlling expenses, reducing costs, setting performance standards and reviewing budgets.

Managerial Potential Index – a composite score of the scales reflecting a candidate’s overall ability to successfully perform management tasks.

Normative Data – norms are based upon job candidates from organizations in a wide range of industries.

Validation Studies – have been conducted on the MAT assessment in a variety of settings including healthcare and advertising.

Report – the MAT provides a graphic depiction of the candidate’s scores and an overall estimate of potential.


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