Basic Skills Test (BST®)

Use the Basic Skills Test (BST®) to assess 15 skills including vocabulary, problem solving, language, reading, computation for identifying fundamental reasoning, numerical, perceptual abilities of applicants for clerical, administrative and customer service roles.


Screen candidates for clerical, administrative and customer service roles for basic skills such as language skills, numerical ability, reasoning and perceptual ability with the Basic Skills Test (BST®) test.  Before you invest time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for:

  • Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Arithmetic Computation
  • Math Ability
  • Problem Solving
  • Filing

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Basic Skills Test (BST®) Series of assessments measure fundamental skills, such as reasoning, numerical ability, perceptual ability, and verbal ability. For customer service, administrative, and clerical job tasks, the BSTs get to the root of determining if an applicant or employee is prepared to handle the tasks associated with the target job. Tests can be used for pre-employment, training and development, and job placement decisions.

  • Consists of 15 individual tests
  • Each test measures isolated skill or ability
  • Based on one of the most extensive commercial test development and validation projects ever undertaken
  • Validated on over 17,000 employees in 62 organizations nationwide
  • Widely used and accepted by large Fortune 1000 organizations

Select tests from the Basic Skills Test (BST) battery to form batteries customized to meet your needs. Instructions to administrators and examinees are straightforward and easy to follow. Most tests take only 5 minutes to complete. As well, the tests have been validated to ensure accuracy and to eliminate bias with respect to race and gender.

Reasoning: The ability to analyze and evaluate information and to arrive at conclusions correctly. It includes making judgments regarding accuracy of information, application of rules and procedures, data classification and the understanding and application of underlying principles.

Perceptual Ability: The ability to perceive detailed information very quickly and accurately including both verbal and numerical material. It includes the ability to classify and code information as well as to see differences in small detail.

Numerical Ability: The ability to perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately. It includes the ability to apply reasoning processes to determine the appropriate arithmetic operation for solving a problem.

Verbal Ability: The ability to understand and use language correctly and effectively. It includes the ability to read, understand and interpret written material as well as to recognize the meanings of words and concepts associated with them.

The BST consists of the following measures:

  1. BST1 – Language Skills
  2. BST2 – Reading Comprehension
  3. BST3 – Vocabulary
  4. BST4 – Computation
  5. BST5 – Problem Solving
  6. BST6 – Decision Making
  7. BST7 – Following Oral Directions
  8. BST8 – Following Written Directions
  9. BST9 – Forms Checking
  10. BST10 – Reasoning
  11. BST11 – Classifying
  12. BST12 – Coding
  13. BST13 – Filing Names
  14. BST14 – Filing Numbers
  15. BST15 – Visual Speed & Accuracy





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