Risk Type Compass

Explores, understands, and manages an individual’s relationship with risk

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Administration Type: Self
Administration Time: 10 to 20 Minutes
Qualification Level: B-Level or Certification
Format(s): Online (Administration & Scoring)
Reports: Personal Report, Investor Report (includes Financial Advisor Report), Team Report


The Risk Type Compass is an assessment that explores an individual’s predisposition to risk and their capacity to manage it. Based primarily on personality research, the Risk Type Compass uses aspects of an individual’s temperament to place them into one of eight risk propensity categories known as Risk Types. An individual’s Risk Type will give an indication of how an individual perceives risk, how much uncertainty they are able to bear, and how they will react when unexpected events or outcomes occur.

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Key Features:

 Places individuals into one of eight risk propensity categories known as Risk Types, based on aspects of their temperament
 Allows for personal and leadership development on the individual level
 Acts as an exceptional tool for auditing and developing teams, groups, and executive boards
 Monitors the risk culture of an organization, enabling change management
 Acts as a tool for investors to better tailor investment portfolios to the risk tolerance of their clients

Personal Report

Designed to give a comprehensive overview of an individual’s risk propensity by providing detailed information about their Risk Type, Risk Attitude, and overall Risk Tolerance. Highlighting their capability for high risk decision making, or where risk aversion is essential, it can be use

Team Report

Designed to raise risk awareness at both the individual as well as the team level. Four different graphs are provided which illustrate individual risk types and the balance of the team as a whole. It facilitates discussions and development around group dynamics and team development. The report contains Group Perspectives, Resource Materials, as well as Individual Profiles.

Investor Report

Allows the investor to gain a better understanding of their own risk taking preferences, which help them make better decisions about financial products. The content of this report is very similar to the Personal Report, however, it is tailored to a financial context. A Financial Advisor Report is included along with this report.

Financial Advisor Report

A concise one page report provided along with the Investor Report that describes the client’s risk personality. This report displays information in the Investors Report in a graphical format along with bullet points summarizing implications for client management.

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