Spelling Test

Evaluates the degree to which someone can identify commonly misspelled words.


Purpose: This test evaluates the degree to which someone can identify commonly misspelled words.

When To Use It: This test would be appropriate wherever employees need to be able to spot and correct misspellings.

Target Group: People involved in most types of clerical tasks where documents are prepared and need to be proofed before being finalized.

High Scorers: People scoring high are more likely to spot commonly misspelled words and make corrections.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on this Spelling Test will create spelling errors themselves. When checking others’ work, they will be less likely to spot problems that Word Processing programs do not pick up.

Number of Items: 200. Most of the items simply present pairs of words, from which the candidate must select the correct one. There are also 13 sentences with embedded blanks from which the candidate must choose between two homonyms (two words that sound alike but are spelled differently depending on the meaning).

Time Limits: There is no time limit.

Validity: This test is based on Content Validity. Several books and internet sites that listed misspelled words were used to prepare this list. Scores are presented in terms of “Percent Correct.”

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