Survey of Personal Values

THIS ASSESSMENT IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – Helps assess how a person is likely to approach a job or training program.


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The Survey of Personal Values helps assess how a person is likely to approach a job or training program.

Job Types: A wide variety of occupations; high school and college students.
Administration: Paper and pencil.
Scoring: Hand-scored with scoring stencil.
Time: No limit (approximately 15 minutes).

The SPV helps measure six critical values that influence the manner in which an individual copes with problems and choices of everyday living. It provides information on how a person is likely to approach a job or training program. Scores reflect the relative weight an individual places on each value.

Practical Mindedness. To always get one’s money’s worth, to take good care of one’s property, to do things that will pay off.

Achievement. To work on difficult problems, to strive to accomplish something significant, to do an
outstanding job.

Variety. To do things that are new and different, to have a variety of experiences, to go to strange places.

Decisiveness. To have firm convictions, to make decisions quickly, to come directly to the point.

Orderliness. To have well-organized work habits, to keep things in their place, to follow a systematic approach.

Goal Orientation. To have a definite goal toward which to work, to stick to a problem until it is solved, to know precisely where one is headed.

This test has been used for selection, placement and employment counseling.

Normative Data. Percentile norms are listed by trait for the following classifications:

• male and female high school students
• male and female college students
• male and female vocational students (ninth grade and college)
• managers
• workers in routinized jobs
• means and standard deviations for 44 domestic samples

Validation Studies. Scores on the SPV were found to be related to scores on other personality scales and to job performance for the following jobs:

• cashier
• claims examiner
• adjustment clerk
• collection clerk
• reservation clerk
• clerk (various industries)
• communications representative
• computer operator
• gas serviceperson
• keypunch operator
• manager
• assistant manager
• merchandise handler
• meter reader
• order processor (clerical)
• order processor (merchandise)
• service technician
• supervisor (insurance)
• telephone service representative
• typist

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