Survey of Work Styles

Use the Survey of Work Styles  for counselling employees and managers for impatience, anger, time urgency, stress, and job dissatisfaction.


Use the SWS to select and counsel managers for impatience, anger, time urgency, competitiveness and job dissatisfaction.  Before you invest time and money in hiring or training a new employee assess them for:

  • Behaviour
  • Work-Related Stress

This test provides the answers you need to make an informed hiring or coaching decision.

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The SWS measures six distinct components of the Type A behaviour pattern, including impatience, anger, time urgency, competitiveness and job dissatisfaction.  The SWS can be used for employee selection and placement, managerial counselling and as an assessment of work attitudes and work-related stress.

The SWS is a 96-item multidimensional measure of the Type A behavior pattern. For each item, respondents are asked to rate, on a 5-point scale, how characteristic a described activity is of their work-related behavior Scoring consists of summed 5-point weights for the positively and negatively keyed items for each of six scales: Anger, Time Urgency, Job Dissatisfaction, Impatience, Work Involvement, Competitiveness. The SWS has been shown to be significantly more highly associated with the Rosenman Structured Interview than are other popular measures of the Type A behavior pattern.

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