Personal Value Questionnaire

Identifies one’s values, choices VS job demands: an excellent coaching/development tool.


Why do people do what they do? What do people look for in their work? What tells us that we’re doing something that matters? If people’s values are out of step with their work, they will be less happy and productive. Deeper insight into what’s important to them can help people maximize the fit between their values, their job and their organization. This questionnaire and workbook offers a simple, straightforward way for people to begin thinking about what matters to them.

Use the personal values questionnaire (PVQ) to:

• help your professionals and leaders to understand themselves better

• help them think about the choices they make in fulfilling their roles

• enhance one-to-one coaching and group development programs

• complement other off-the-shelf or 360º feedback resources to provide a bigger picture of a person’s behavior and impact.

Why choose the PVQ?

Any mismatch between personal values and job demands can hit your organization, cutting productivity and raising staff turnover. If managers know where gaps exist, they can close them by reassigning employees to other departments or roles, developing employees within their existing roles, or redesigning jobs.

Based on the research of the renowned psychologist Dr David McClelland, the PVQ guides learners through various steps to measure the importance they attach to three social values:

• Achievement
• Affiliation
• Power

These values – or conscious drivers of behavior – explain the extent to which we want to achieve tasks or standards, maintain close, friendly relationships or have an impact on others. The personal values profile will describe how people rate these values at a conscious level.

The PVQ is a simple, straightforward way for people to begin thinking about what matters to them – and to consider the implications of this for performance. It’s available as a self-scoring workbook or online, with no need for preparation or complex data collection.

  • Standards
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Team commitment

As well as helping managers to explore the climate they experience, and the impact it has on their own performance, the workbook also encourages managers to think about the climate they create for their team and how they can improve on it. The Organizational Climate Workbook (OCW) is most effective when used in conjunction with the Leadership Style Workbook (LSW) as managerial style impacts organizational climate.

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