Work Personality Index-II

Use the Work Personality Index II © to obtain a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness.


Use the Work Personality Index II © to obtain a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness.  Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Rule-Following
  • Dependability
  • Ambition
  • Energy
  • Persistence
  • Leadership

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Work Personality Index II ® assessment helps your organization manage talent by measuring candidate job-fit, development needs, career options and leadership potential.

The Work Personality Index II ® assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. Unlike other personality measures, the Work Personality Index assessment measures personality traits that are directly related to the work environment and job performance, making interpretation of results straight forward.

Based on a model of 21 personality traits that measure distinct aspects of work behaviour, the Work Personality Index II assessment describes an individual’s style in terms of job related strengths and weaknesses – giving you a complete picture of an individual’s work style. The reports provide valuable information to assist with selecting employees, team building, coaching, employee retention, leadership development and succession planning.

What the WPI measures (Scales)

  • Energy and Drive (Ambition, Initiative, Flexibility, Energy, Leadership, Multi-Tasking, Persuasion, Social Confidence)
  • Work Style (Persistence, Attention to Detail, Rule-Following, Dependability, Planning)
  • Working with Others (Teamwork, Concern for Others, Outgoing, Democratic)
  • Dealing with Pressure and Stress (Self-Control, Stress Tolerance)
  • Problem Solving Style (Innovation, Analytical Thinking)
  • Special Purpose (Sales Potential, Management and Leadership Potential, Profile Validity)

Select – Measure Job Fit

Begin your talent management process by choosing the right people the first time. Research demonstrates employees selected with the help of pre-employment tests are on average 40% more productive.

The Work Personality Index II ® assessment will help you measure job fit. It provides a valid and dependable assessment of behavior that directly influences a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. Based on a model of 21 personality traits, it shows you how a person will interact with others, complete their tasks, solve problems and deal with change. Use this information to match applicants’ characteristics with job requirements, increasing both the efficiency and accuracy of your selection process.

Select Report – Identify the best candidates. This report provides you with a comprehensive, objective assessment of work behaviour. The Select report describes a candidate’s approach to tasks, way of interacting with people, and performance at work. The Select report is a powerful tool to complement ability testing and structured interviews. The Work Personality Index Select Report will provide valuable behavioural information before your next hiring decision.

Job Match Report – Make your selection process more efficient and effective. Our experts will work with you to create custom job profiles to reflect the demands and key performance metrics that are required for success in your organization. The Job Match Report provides an overall fit score facilitating objective and efficient candidate decisions.

Develop – Coaching, Team Building Employee Retention

Once you have the right people in place, it’s time to give your employees the opportunity to build upon their strengths and evaluate future opportunities that will increase their success. The WPI helps employees become aware of their skills, preferences and values and identifies areas for development. Help employees improve their effectiveness, form strong teams, and ultimately, improve organizational engagement and retention.

Development Report – Help individuals become more effective. This report is designed as a tool for professional growth. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing success at work and in life. The report focuses on personal characteristics and behaviours that influence how individuals perform in work settings, and it contains information about preferences, strengths, and techniques for increasing effectiveness.

Career Report – Help individuals chart their career paths. The Career report provides insight into an individual’s personality traits, the kinds of work they enjoy, and how they can manage career change. It describes an individual’s work style, their approach to solving problems, managing change, and dealing with stress. The report provides exercises to help people understand their work strengths and develop a plan for changing careers.


Help individuals interested or active in leadership take a strategic approach to their skill development. Identify their preferences for dealing with stress and change, explore their personal leadership styles and assist them in developing effective working relationships.

By setting the stage with each leader’s strengths and areas of difficulty, the Work Personality Index® assessment allows individuals to create a focused developmental plan to increase their leadership performance.

The Work Personality Index II ® assessment identifies how individual’s works with others, solve problems, deal with pressure and stress, and lead others. Essential information for leadership success.

Leadership Report – Help leaders understand their role and maximize their impact. This report sets the stage with an individual’s pivotal skills, competencies and areas of difficulty to focus development plans on areas that will lead to the greatest increase in leadership performance. It ends with exercises that bring it all together–helping you create development plans that leverage strengths and address pressing needs.


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