Occupational: Financial Manager

Assess self-control, concern, dependability, cooperation, effort, for financial managers.


The Financial Manager is an assessment of critical thinking skills and personal work style competencies that predict success on the job. Based on Department of Labuor research and industry expert feedback, this occupation-specific assessment leverages a holistic assessment approach to give broad and accurate insight into the whole person.

This customized assessment helps you:

• Hire only the highest-quality individuals from your candidate pool
• Reduce churn and boost employee productivity
• Assess important critical thinking skills

Assess these personal work styles:

• Achievement/Effort
• Adaptability/Flexibility
• Attention to Detail
• Concern for Others
• Cooperation
• Dependability
• Independence
• Initiative
• Innovation
• Leadership Orientation
• Self-Control
• Social Orientation
• Stress Tolerance

The Financial Manager assessment comprises the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (Short Form) as the Critical Thinking section and items from the Workplace Personality Inventory.

Primary Use – Selection
Assessment Type – Personality (Broad Band); Cognitive: Critical Thinking
Job Level – Manager
Job Type – Banking
Number of Items – 189
Completion Time – 55 minutes (untimed)

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