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Use the Work Personality Index© to obtain a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness.  This product has been replaced/updated with the Work Personality Index II©


Use the Work Personality Index © to obtain a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness.  Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Rule-Following
  • Dependability
  • Ambition
  • Energy
  • Persistence
  • Leadership

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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This product has been replaced/updated with the Work Personality Index II©


An advanced measure of work personality characteristics The WPI assessment provides a valid and dependable measure of personality traits that directly influence a person’s work performance and task effectiveness

What it measures The Work Personality Index assessment measures 17 personality traits that research has shown are related to work performance. These traits indicate how individuals work with others, approach their tasks, solve problems, manage change, and deal with stress. Outlining the person’s job-related strengths and identifying areas of weaknesses, the WPI assessment is useful for training and development or personnel selection.

17 WPI assessment Personality Traits

  1. Teamwork
  2. Concern for Others
  3. Outgoing
  4. Democratic
  5. Attention to Detail
  6. Rule-Following
  7. Dependability
  8. Ambition
  9. Energy
  10. Persistence
  11. Leadership
  12. Innovation
  13. Analytical Thinking
  14. Self-Control
  15. Stress Tolerance
  16. Initiative
  17. Flexibility


Applications Coaching and Individual Development – increase work effectiveness by identifying strengths and areas for future development Personnel Selection – identify candidates that have the personality traits necessary for successful job performance Team Building – recognizing the personality differences that result in poor teamwork makes it possible to implement solutions. Customized Benchmarking – using the WPI assessment Job Match System, organizations can specify the personality characteristics necessary for effective job performance. The Job Match reports can then assess how well each candidate’s personality traits match with your predetermined criteria.


  • Offers insight into an individual’s typical workplace behavior.
  • Provides practical suggestions for improving personal effectiveness.
  • Streamlines the selection of job candidates, and helps guide job interviews.
  • Easy to read narrative reports and clear graphics make interpretation quick and straightforward.
  • Valid and Reliable – developed with over 6000 working adults.

Reports Available

Personal Effectiveness Report Designed for personal development, team building and coaching the WPI assessment Personal Effectiveness Report provides a wealth of information. The 12 page narrative report describes the client’s preferences and strengths. It also suggests techniques for increasing effectiveness in work settings. It describes how individuals work with others, approach their tasks, solve problems, manage change and deal with stress. The straightforward explanations make it easy to provide feedback to large groups or work one-on-one. It is a valuable resources for anyone working within organizational development, coaching or training.

Select Report Take the guesswork out of hiring. The WPI assessment Select Report is designed to help guide personnel selection decisions. Measuring 17 personality traits, the WPI Select Report provides a comprehensive assessment of candidates’ work personality. Use the Select Report to find better employees, identify leaders, maintain team cohesiveness and reduce turnover. A convenient one page profile with six pages of narrative interpretation ensures that you receive a thorough description of how candidates approach their work.

Leadership Competency Report This report is designed as a tool for professional growth. The leadership report describes key features of an individual’s personal style that influence their approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people and performance at work. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing leadership effectiveness and highlights the competencies generally associated with each personality trait. This report contains information about the leadership preferences and competencies in the following areas:

  • Working with others
  • Problem solving
  • Dynamism
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Work style
  • Identifying and managing change


NEW – Leadership Competency Report Guide This guide is intended for consultants, coaches and human resources professionals who plan to use the Work Personality Index Leadership Competency Report in their work with leaders. The purpose of this guide is to provide information and interpretive strategies that will allow you to get the greatest benefit from the Work Personality Index Leadership Competency Report. Career Transition Report The WPI Career Transition report is designed to provide insight into an individual’s personality traits, the kinds of work they enjoy and how they can best manage career change. This narrative report describes an individual’s work style, how they like to work with others, their approach to solving problems, managing change and dealing with pressure and stress. The report also provides self-review and planning exercises to help people assess their work strengths and develop a plan for managing their career transition.

Job Match Profile (Report) The WPI assessment Job Match Report compares a candidate’s behavioural traits with those your organization has identified as necessary for successful job performance. The Job Match indicates how similar the candidate’s profile is to the requirements of the position listed on this report. On the following pages the candidate’s results are indicated by a black square on the report. The shaded areas indicate the levels that you indicated as necessary for being successful in this job. The WPI assessment Job Match Report focuses on the behavioural requirements for the job, and does not provide information on the candidate’s knowledge or ability.





Work Personality Index© is a registered trademark of Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

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