Career Exploration Inventory 5th Edition

The Career Exploration Inventory 5th Edition guides job seekers in exploring and planning life, work and leisure activities and identify their major career interests.

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The Career Exploration Inventory 5th Edition guides job seekers in exploring and planning life, work and leisure activities and identify their major interests.  See the Career Exploration Inventory – EZ 2nd Edition (CEI-Easy) too.

This test provides the answers you need to make informed counselling and career decisions.

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This new edition offers updated activities to reflect the constantly changing workplace and refreshed design for easier use!

The assessment is getting a revised new look but the core of the Career Exploration Inventory (CEI) remains the same: Users explore three major areas of their lives (work, leisure, and learning) to discover a rewarding career path of their very own.

Users reflect on 128 activities and consider their past, present, and future interest in them. Scores connect to 16 career interest areas with related jobs, education and training options, and leisure activities listed for each interest area. Additional information helps students, job seekers, and others focus on their top interest areas as they ponder their future plans. The CEI cross-references major print and online career resources for further research. It is easy to read, self-scoring, self-interpreting, and backed by strong validity.

A distinct advantage of the CEI is that it is easy to administer, score, and interpret. The instrument was designed to be scored by the individual who completes it. The CEI helps people identify their major interest clusters; explore a variety of work, leisure, and educational options; and develop a career action plan. This approach makes the CEI particularly useful for various individual and group counseling situations.

The Career Exploration Inventory 5th Edition was normed on employed and unemployed adults aged 18 to 73 and can be used with working and unemployed adults, students, and youth. It can also be used with special populations such as the economically disadvantaged, people in correctional facilities, and those with substance abuse problems. Care has been taken to make the device easy to read and simple to interpret with minimal counselor or instructor intervention. In addition, the CEI is cross-referenced to standard occupational information sources, so it can be used as the basis for a comprehensive exploration of career alternatives.

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