Construction (Carpenter/Painter/Sheeter) Test

Measures knowledge and skill in the construction area.


Assesses: Construction knowledge and skills
Skill Level: Journey-Level
Test Format: 125 Items, Multiple-choice
Language: English

Available in Paper and Online

The Construction (Carpenter/Painter/Sheeter) test measures knowledge and skill in the construction area. Online version includes a supplemental packet that must be mailed or emailed as a part of the test.

Content Areas

• Framing
• Walls and Floors
• Stairs
• Scaffolds and Ladders
• Finishing and Trim
• Repair and Fabrication
• Concrete Work
• Shoring and Surveying
• Print Reading
• Painting and Glass
• Mathematics
• Tools, Materials and Equipment
• Sheet Metal
• Rigging/Fabricating
• Roofing

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