Dependability and Safety Instrument

Use the Dependability & Safety Instrument to help Identify low risk safe dependable candidates for all key entry-level roles across an organization.


Identify low risk, safe, dependable candidates for key entry-level roles with the Dependability and Safety Instrument.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Good Attendance
  • Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Safety Conscientiousness

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Dependability and Safety Instrument is a short pre-screening tool for many key entry-level roles. It is designed to identify potential employees who will have good dependability and reliability, and who are less likely to engage in counter-productive work behaviors.

Job Level: Individual Contributor
Assessment & Report Localizations:  US English, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish
Average Testing Time (minutes): 10 minutes
Time Allowed (minutes): Untimed
Maximum Number of Questions: 30 items
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Remote Testing: Yes
Question Format: Multiple Choice
Product Category: Personality & Behavioural

Why use the Dependability and Safety Instrument?

The Dependability and Safety Instrument (DSI) identifies potential employees who will have good attendance records, and who can be relied on to be productive. Validation studies have shown that the DSI helps you:

  • Reduce accidents at work
  • Boost productivity and customer satisfaction through more dependable staff
  • Reduce days lost due to absenteeism

Unwarranted absenteeism is not only costly in terms of lost productivity, it also impacts customer satisfaction. Work-related accidents can also lead to prolonged absence, and the costs of litigation. Substantial evidence from research, including cross-industry and multinational validation studies, show that:

  • High DSI scorers are three to four times more likely to be seen by managers as safe employees
  • High DSI scorers are rated by managers as 22% higher in overall performance
  • The lowest DSI scorers are twice as likely to be seen by managers as representing a performance management problem

How does it work?

DSI is easy for line managers to administer, score and interpret and can be taken online, as a pencil and paper test or even over the telephone. Candidates consider 18 pairs of work statements, choosing the statement that best describes their work behaviour. Each candidate is then given a score that indicates whether he or she is likely to be a safe, reliable and productive employee.

Those who score highly on the Dependability and Safety Instrument:

  • Are rated as highly dependable by their manager
  • Have fewer sickness absences.

Those who have a low score on the Dependability and Safety Instrument are:

  • More than twice as likely to have more sickness absence than higher scorers.

Average or above average Dependability and Safety Instrument scorers are:

  • More than twice as likely to be rated as highly dependable than those who score ‘below average’.

Administering the Dependability and Safety Instrument

The Dependability and Safety Instrument delivers a short, pre-screening assessment of potential employees’ safety and dependability in the workplace. It is extremely easy and cost effective to use, being:

1. Quick and easy to administer – approximately 7 minutes per candidate.

2. Designed for line managers to administer, score and interpret it with minimal or no HR support.

This ease of use makes the Dependability and Safety Instrument ideal for high volume recruitment. The DSI enabled Nissan Motor Manufacturing to process in excess of 8,000 applicants and hire 1,000 high-caliber manufacturing staff over a 22 week period.

“The overall feedback from the line managers is extremely positive. The results indicate that the DSI can quickly and accurately identify those applicants who possess a high level of safety focus and can be relied on to produce high-quality work,” said David Reay, Senior Personnel Controller for Nissan.

The People Intelligence provided by DSI has helped employers overcome business issues such as:

Health & Safety – Using DSI as part of their recruitment process Qantas identifies apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer applicants most likely to be reliable and safety conscious at work.

Customer Service – Screened against the competencies set out by Vodafone UK, high scoring participants were three times more likely to be client focused; over ten times more likely to comply with company policies and procedures; and four times more likely to cope with pressure and be reliable.

Absenteeism – The world’s leading supplier of security services recognized the cost of absenteeism to its business, particularly in their driver and cash handler teams. Using DSI, the company showed that those with a ‘below average’ DSI score were more than six times more likely to be absent without authorization.

Cost saving benefits – The cost savings in administration are small when compared to the longer term savings derived from screening candidates for greater accident proneness and absenteeism and poor timekeeping which:

  • Reduces the potential cost of accidents in the business
  • Mitigates the risk of lost productivity, and costly absentee administration costs.

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