Listening Effectiveness Profile

Measure capacity to listen attentively and improve listening skills.

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A relatively small number of people can actually listen with true understanding and empathy. The Listening Effectiveness Profile is an 84 item, online assessment that provides a highly structured process through which to assess an individual’s current capacity to listen attentively and move towards improving key listening skills. The report or results gives individuals a clear indication of their relative performance in 7 listening competencies.

The Listening Effectiveness Profile measures an individual’s capacity to listen effectively, empathetically, and attentively using the following competencies:

• Predisposition/Temperament
• Creating a Conducive Climate
• Showing Positive Interest
• Reading the Speaker
• Empathizing
• Paying Attention and Concentrating
• Understanding and Reflecting the Message.

The report gives individuals a clear indication of their relative performance in each competency, as well as detailed interpretative notes to use in personal-action planning.

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