Skills & Attributes Inventory (SAI™)

Assess 13 personal skills/attributes: coordination/acuity/mechanical skills and much more.


The SAI instrument helps assess the relative importance of 13 personal skill and attributes factors for overall successful performance in a given position, with the parallel use of having incumbents assess the extent to which they possess the skills and attributes.

The SAI instrument is designed to help determine the requirements for successful performance in order to develop and validate selection procedures. Additionally, this instrument compares the requirements of the same job across different departments or organizational to determine the transportability of test batteries.

The Job Importance Form is used to rate the relative importance of the various traits for successful performance in a given position.

The Ability Form is used to help identify performance in such positions as bus operators, police officers or first line supervisors.

Each form is sold separately.

SAI Scales

• General Functioning Intelligence
• Visual Acuity
• Visual and Coordination Skills
• Physical Coordination
• Mechanical Skills
• Graphic & Clerical Skills
• General Clerical Skills
• Leadership Ability
• Tolerance in Interpersonal Relations
• Organization Identification
• Conscientiousness and Reliability
• Efficiency Under Stress
• Solitary Work

Normative Data – Normative data is based on relative groups.

Job Types: Non-management positions.

Time: No limit (approximately 45 minutes).

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