Verbal Reasoning Test

Assesses vocabulary and the ability to both understand subtle differences between words.


Purpose: This test assesses vocabulary and the ability to both understand subtle differences between words and the many ways one can use words to make a point.

When To Use It: The Verbal Reasoning Test should be used to assess candidates who must be very effective communicators, to inform, persuade, motivate, counsel, or coordinate activities among co-workers, friends, or customers.

Target Group: We recommend using this test for positions such as sales, manager, supervisor, team leader.

High Scorers: People scoring high on the Verbal Reasoning Test are more effective communicators. They are better able to explain their points and respond more appropriately to others in a conversation. High scorers tend to be good at communicating with all levels of people -from executives to members of the general public.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on the Verbal Reasoning Test are less effective at making their points and responding to others in a conversation. Low scorers tend to be effective in communicating with only a narrow group of people-those who are similar to themselves.

Number of Items: 26

Time Limits: 12 minutes

Validity: In several empirical studies, this test was significantly correlated r=.26* with teamwork, r=.29** with customer service, r=.25″‘ with overall performance for a variety of entry-level jobs. We were able to demonstrate that performing well on this test predicted success in managerial roles when scoring more than the 60th percentile produced a group that was 300% more likely to survive the first year on the job.

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