Sales Support Specialist – Short Form

For entry to mid-level sales, under guidance of an account manager.

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The Sales Support Specialist solution is for entry to mid-level sales support positions in which employees work primarily under the guidance of an account manager or operations manager in support of client accounts. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: implementing customer orders, assisting with and coordinating activities, and utilizing processes to meet customer requirements. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Implementation Specialist, Project Assistant, and Sales Support Assistant.

Job Level – Entry to mid-level
Job Family/Title – Sales Suite
Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – (minutes) 43 minutes
Maximum Number of Questions – 172 items
Designed for Unproctored Environment – Yes
Question Format – Multiple choice, Adaptive

Working with Information: This measures the ability to efficiently and effectively use numerical and analytical reasoning to gather information and solve real-world problems.

Professional Potential: This is a measure of the tendency to have potential for professional success across industry type and functional area. This is characterized by scores that are derived from responses to questions regarding academic and social background, and aspirations concerning work.

Customer Focus: This measures the tendency to show persistent enthusiasm when interacting with customers. This trait is characterized by: apologizing sincerely for inconveniences, being patient, tolerating rude customers calmly, and searching for information or products for customers.

Conscientiousness: This measures the tendency to be aware of and follow company policies and procedures, including: working in an organized manner, returning from meals and breaks on time, and working when coworkers are not working.

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