Values Preference Indicator

Helps identify core values and make over 300 micro decisions about your values.


The Values Preference Indicator is a 12-page professionally developed learning and communication tool—is content-rich, self-administered, and self-scored.

You prioritize from a list of 21 behavioural values, then complete our proprietary forced-choice values-decision matrix. In a single page, you make over 300 micro decisions about your values.

With thousands of users over the years, we continue to be amazed by the high percentage of people who at first have no idea what their core values are, then realize their values are not being represented in their life. Then they realize why they are living unfulfilled lives.

Use the VPI to:

• Prioritize Your Values
• Design a Work/Career Life
• Make Intentional Decisions

Use it for:

• Everyone—No Exceptions!

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