(Un)Employment In The Time of Covid – or What Do I Do Now??

There are over 1 million Canadians out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s an unsettling time and no one knows what’s coming next or when things will return to normal.

“Normal” may be a long time coming for some of us and unfortunately, for some people, they may not have jobs to return to. Some businesses (i.e. restaurants) will undoubtedly go under before the end of the world is called off and render the temporarily-unemployed permanently unemployed. Other people may be taking stock of their lives and finances while quarantined at home and beginning to wonder if there’s something better than the job they have or whether they even want to continue doing what they’ve been doing until now.

Maybe this is an opportunity to re-think your career path and decide if the organization that you work for is really where you want to be 5 or 10 years from now. Ask yourself:

  • Are there advancement opportunities where you are now?
  • Could you be making more money doing something else?
  • Is what you’re doing now really a career or is it just a ‘job’ that brings you little joy and few opportunities for skill-building?
  • Are you actually happy doing what you’re doing?
  • Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to use your skills and experience to launch your own business and be your own boss for a change?

This is a great time to consider “what’s next” and use the down-time to polish your resume and consider other career paths and employment opportunities.

But what if you don’t know what kind of career you’d be interested in or are well suited for?

There are easy ways to find out.

Companies like Creative Organizational Design offer a variety of career interest and skills evaluation tools that can help you identify what your transferable skills are and what kinds of alternate careers you are able to transition to easily and might wish to explore.

Products like the ones below can offer personalized guidance and deep insights to help you prepare for a new career or start your own business.

If you’re wondering if “Is now the time to re-think things?” then the answer is probably, YES! Take a look at the various ways you could explore your future and contact us to acquire the tools to help you do it!


Creative Organizational Design has 100s of assessment tools designed to help employers screen out other people’s rejects, assess skills, aptitude, attitude and ‘fit’ within an organization. For more information about the options available and help selecting the best tools for your needs please contact us. David Towler is President of Creative Organizational Design, a firm offering nearly 40 years of expertise specializing in employee assessments and which has over 2000 different product titles available. Please send comments about this article to dtowler@creativeorgdesign.com. For more information, please contact us.

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