Dealing With Conflict – Trainer’s Kit

Use the Dealing With Conflict instrument to identify conflict solving approaches and solve interpersonal and team friction problems.

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Solve interpersonal and team friction problems using the Dealing With Conflict – Trainer’s Kit to identify five conflict-handling styles and help your employees overcome workplace conflicts.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • 360-degree Measure
  • Conflict Handling Style

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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Interpersonal Conflict May be Ruining Your Organization’s Productivity!

According to the Washington Business Journal, “Managers spend 25-40% of their time dealing with interpersonal conflict.” Your efforts to increase productivity may be missing the mark. Nothing is more important to your training department than proving that your training programs add to the organization’s growth and productivity. Studies show that over 65% of all productivity loss can be directly attributed to workplace interpersonal conflict issues.

This quick and easy to use assessment is a significant improvement over conventional conflict assessments with clearer and more user-friendly results and helpful support material.

The Dealing with Conflict Trainers Kit is a complete modular and integrated conflict assessment and training program that includes:

  • 10 online self assessments,
  • 10 Participant Coursebooks
  • the comprehensive Dealing with Conflict Leader’s Guide and the Dealing with Conflict DVD.

Use the complete program to deliver from 2 hours to a full-day conflict workshop. Or if you prefer, choose only those products you wish and easily integrate them into most existing training programs.

The Dealing with Conflict Instrument presents five conflict styles:

  • accommodate
  • avoid
  • compromise
  • compete
  • collaborate

By completing the DCI, you will learn about your own natural style tendencies. Adding the 360-degree feedback module can provide insight into how you are perceived by others when resolving conflicts. The combined results can provide clear direction on which styles of conflict resolution need the most improvement. Learn how to dissect conflict situations using conflict analysis and decide which style is best for any given situation, thus greatly improving the chances of a successful resolution.

Most of us are less skilled at handling conflict than we should be. The Dealing with Conflict family of products will enable any trainer to deliver a professional conflict workshop that will develop interpersonal conflict management skills emphasizing a collaborative or problem solving style that reduces conflict and improves working relationships.

What are you doing as a trainer or manager to deal with productivity killing conflict?

Use the DCI family of products to:

  • Teach participants about their own natural style tendencies with either the paper/pencil assessment or the online assessment.
  • Use the Dealing with Conflict online assessment for Self-Directed learning by itself or in conjunction with the Dealing with Conflict DVD to provide a contextual overview. The online assessment produces a comprehensive report of results.
  • Upgrade to the Dealing with Conflict 360-degree feedback sets to provide magnum insight to professionals experiencing too much conflict by showing them data about how others are perceiving their skills for dealing with conflict.
  • Use the Dealing with Conflict Leaders Guide with the assessment and optional Participant Coursebook to deliver a conflict workshop from 2 hours to a full day in length.
  • Add Video to any length conflict workshop by using the Dealing with Conflict DVD and DVD Leaders Guide.


  • Participants learn to solve conflict problems by negotiating for a win/win conclusion instead of a win/lose.
  • Trainers who have worked with the Thomas Kilman conflict assessment or the Conflict Style Inventory will appreciate the ease of use facilitating training with the Dealing with Conflict Instrument.
  • By using skills learned in Dealing with Conflict, organizations will see more proactive problem solving and fewer bottlenecks caused by conflict.
  • Conflict solutions enhance communication and teamwork while greatly lowering workplace stress.
  • Participants become more competent and more confident handling potential conflict situations, thus reducing stress and increasing productivity.


  • Assessments are online or paper and pencil and can be completed in 10-15 minutes.
  • Similar in style to the Thomas Kilman conflict mode instrument.
  • Modular Trainer’s Guide provides options for using the assessment as the focal point of a one day conflict workshop or within other training programs
  • Significant improvement over other conventional conflict assessments with quick deployment and clear user friendly results.
  • All Dealing with Conflict solutions are easy to use, and flexible to any training need.
  • 360-degree feedback sets enable managers or professionals experiencing significant conflict with others to obtain feedback on their styles of dealing with conflict.

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Use the Dealing With Conflict instrument to identify conflict solving approaches and solve interpersonal and team friction problems.

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