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This training video on conflict resolution is a powerful tool for teaching employees how to handle conflict and minimize the stress, frustration, anxiety, and sleeplessness it can cause. The DVD is also a strong way to head off the potential high costs to business when conflict is not recognized—ranging from avoidance and third-party mediation to physical threat and violence.

Most employees would agree they spend too much time dealing with disagreements, differences, and other conflicts that arise in the workplace. Conflict Resolution Styles drives home the message that we usually can’t avoid or ignore these conflicts, but we can learn how to deal with them productively.

Use this video with the participant booklet to facilitate a worskhop on conflict resolution. Conflict training is a must for any manager, supervisor, or supervisor candidate. This video effectively lowers stress in the workplace by introducing powerful strategies to help all employees understand and manage conflict productively. Also, use the video as an introduction/overview of conflict styles with the Dealing with Conflict assessment:

The 22 minute, Conflict Resolution Styles video uses real life, emotionally charged business scenarios to demonstrate and discuss five different approaches to handling conflict:

1. Accommodate (I lose, you win) – You put aside your needs and desires and give in to the other person’s demands.

2. Avoid (I lose, you lose) – You avoid, postpone, or prevent a conflict and neither party wins because the conflict remains unresolved.

3. Compromise (We both win, we both lose) – You resolve the conflict quickly and efficiently by seeking a fair and equitable split between your respective positions.

4. Compete (I win, you lose) – You seek to win your position at the expense of the other party.

5. Collaborate (I win, you win) – You cooperate with the other party to find a resolution with a mutually satisfying outcome.

DCI is a significant improvement over conventional conflict assessments. It shortens usage time, produces clearer and more user-friendly results, and includes helpful support material. DCI is compatible with most existing training programs and is the easiest way to update assessment materials.

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