Management Training Needs Analysis

Tells how much additional training a manager needs to be fully effective.

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Self-Scoring and Easy-to-Interpret

One of the best 360° training needs analysis instruments available! Tells you how much additional training a manager or supervisor is perceived to need in order to be fully effective on the job.

A 48-item questionnaire, the Management Training Needs Analysis covers 12 essential management practice and supervisory skill dimensions.

• Leadership
• Training
• Human Relations
• Motivation
• Communication
• Discipline & Control
• Performance Management
• Problem Solving
• Planning & Organizing
• Work Assignments
• Time Management
• Counseling

Obtains perceptions from 3 organizational levels (self, superior, subordinates). Convenient self-scoring format lets you graphically plot ratings and quickly spot training needs. Excellent for first level supervisors through upper middle management.

You receive coded, online access to a complete set of masters for the reproduction of participant booklets, plus facilitator’s guide with administration and scoring guidelines. One-location licensing is provided for a 5 year period.

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